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«ЗАВОД ПОЖЗАЩИТА» — производитель и поставщик противопожарного оборудования

JSC "Pozhzashita"is a well-known and reputed works, one of the largest manufacturers of fire-fighting equipment and automatics in our country, with more than half-a-century experience in the field of fire-fighting equipment.

Our fire-fighting equipment is the most reliable and fast protection in case of fire. Contact us.

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Director of JSC "Pozhzashchita"
D. Goncharuk


Starting from Autumn 1947, Mariupol Engineering Works (from 1991 - Fire-Fighting Equipment Works JSC "Pozhzashita") has been manufacturing fire extinguishers. Through all this period and now the Works remains one of the largest manufacturers in the field of fire-fighting equipment. Complete manufacturing cycle, high standard of the manufacturing facilities allow our Enterprise to be a leader not only for our customers, but for other companies specialized in fire-fighting equipment as well. Reasonable prices and quality, flexibility of the manufacturing process, individual approach to each customer, unexceptionable service - these are the main principles of our policy.

We implement flexible pricing policy in difficult economic situation. We offer a system of discounts and convenient terms and conditions of co-operation for wholesale and regular customers.

Our high-qualified specialists will offer a comprehensive consultation regarding designation and specification of each type of fire-extinguishers.

High quality of the products, strict adhering to the delivery terms and conditions allow us to offer a mutually-benefit co-operation.

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